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There is a strong need for a voice for the industry stakeholders – government, policy makers, financial institutions, NGO communities, academicians to present their views on the CSR work needed for the social upliftment of the people at large. CrowdTeck is a one-stop platform for the stakeholders who would embark upon a journey to find solutions and a middle ground on the pressing issues of the CSR related agenda.

Why was it founded?

CrowdTeck fills a critical void in the digital media to address, educate and inform on the accomplishments of the corporate, Non-Profit and SME business with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility. There are many players in the business world who address the needs and social welfare mandate of local communities besides business as usual. CrowdTeck is formed to highlight and motivate such enterprises and give them their due validation for the critical work they do for humanitarian upliftment and empowerment of their local microcosm.

Latest Articles

Trident Group, located in Ludhiana, founded Trident Foundation, an extension of its charitable arm, as an active proponent of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Every stakeholder, including workers and shareholders, will be served by Trident in terms of healthcare and employment benefits. Trident Foundation aspires to promote education, improved livelihood, sanitation, and women empowerment for neglected...

In an intimate discussion about how there is no need to remove breasts even in breast cancer cases ( except few conditions), Dr. Wasim said,” In the last few years, I have witnessed an increase in the incidence of breast cancer, especially in Konkani women. As per Oncology book teachings, breast cancer occurs in the...

The Punjab government has stated that their CSR spending has risen to almost Rs 430 crore in the last three years. According to official data, the landlocked border state got over Rs 341 crore in CSR funds over the previous two fiscal years, accounting for 54% of the total received over the last six years...