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There is a strong need for a voice for the industry stakeholders – government, policy makers, financial institutions, NGO communities, academicians to present their views on the CSR work needed for the social upliftment of the people at large. CrowdTeck is a one-stop platform for the stakeholders who would embark upon a journey to find solutions and a middle ground on the pressing issues of the CSR related agenda.

Why was it founded?

CrowdTeck fills a critical void in the digital media to address, educate and inform on the accomplishments of the corporate, Non-Profit and SME business with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility. There are many players in the business world who address the needs and social welfare mandate of local communities besides business as usual. CrowdTeck is formed to highlight and motivate such enterprises and give them their due validation for the critical work they do for humanitarian upliftment and empowerment of their local microcosm.

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On this Independence Day, over 100 celebrities, artists, and influencers will join forces on Facebook to launch a worldwide fundraising for Covid-19 relief efforts. We For India: Saving Lives, Protecting Livelihoods will be livestreamed on August 15th at 7.30pm IST to collect money for GiveIndia’s Covid-19 relief efforts. The celebrities will show solidarity and support...

Incessant rains in Ratnagiri district’s mountainous areas, illegal constructions along the Vashishti river bed, and water flow from the Kolkewadi dam have conspired to create mayhem in Chiplun’s coastal town. Here’s what Mr. Imran Alvi had to say about the recent flooding in the Konkan area during our discussion. “First, if a catastrophe occurred, blame...

The torrential rain that began on July 22, 2021, has caused havoc in Ratnagiri district, with Chiplun city being the worst hit. After the Vashishti River, the city’s sustenance flooded, hundreds of Chiplun inhabitants were trapped in their houses. Chiplun, which is around 250 kilometres from Mumbai and has over 70,000 people, has been flooded...