About CrowdTeck CSR Digital Magazine

There is a strong need for a voice for the industry stakeholders – government, policy makers, financial institutions, NGO communities, academicians to present their views on the CSR work needed for the social upliftment of the people at large. CrowdTeck is a one-stop platform for the stakeholders who would embark upon a journey to find solutions and a middle ground on the pressing issues of the CSR related agenda.

Why was it founded?

CrowdTeck fills a critical void in the digital media to address, educate and inform on the accomplishments of the corporate, Non-Profit and SME business with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility. There are many players in the business world who address the needs and social welfare mandate of local communities besides business as usual. CrowdTeck is formed to highlight and motivate such enterprises and give them their due validation for the critical work they do for humanitarian upliftment and empowerment of their local microcosm.


To educate, encourage and empower NGOs, socially responsible individuals and enterprises to imbibe Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral key to success



To report and present unbiased information on CSR and socially responsible activities in ways that is good for people and planet.

Social Media

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Founder and Editor-in-Chief:
Mr Waseem Kazi

A social activist at heart and an ardent investor, entrepreneur as well as a professional in a Petroleum Company in the Middle East, Mr. Waseem Ahmed Masud Kazi is an Alumni of Mumbai University with a Bachelors’degree in Applied Science (BASc) majoring in Microbiology. A firm believer in the adage ‘be the change that you want to see’ he has always endeavored to bring about a change in the society by addressing issues of poverty and engineered solutions to uplift communities in a non – bipartisan manner. To drive his vision, he has been working at the grassroot level by volunteering many causes and societies related for the benefit of masses. Some of his current associations include:

  1. President – Friends of Indian Community
  2. Acting President – Qatar Indian Social Forum (Northern States)
  3. Central Committee Member – Indian Fraternity Forum
  4. Founder Member and General Secretary – Association of Muslim Professionals, Qatar
  5. Life time member of Indian Benevolent Forum (Contested for Committee member elections in 2016)

To spread the good work network – Mr Waseem Kazi founded Crowdteck.com – a Non-Profit Digital Magazine covering CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) achievements and various NGO activities being undertaken by International Indian Networks. The main aim of the magazine is to concentrate on the good various communities are doing. With an aim to combat media sensationalism on negativity, this platform will work and focus on the good work that is being done across the country.

He also walks the talk – a dedicated student of martial arts, Mr Waseem Kazi is actively involved in professing the necessities of self-defense – looking at the sad state of affairs in India. He is a practitioner of Silat Harimau Pencak Silat, an Indonesia Martial Art of West Java Style. He is also the founder member of Indian Silat Harimau Workshops in Qatar. He is keen on bringing Martial Arts to corporates in Doha and Middle East as part of their CSR for women self-defense/empowerment in the form of Wing Chun traditional Chinese Wushu based Kungfu style.

An entrepreneur by passion Mr Kazi, has invested in businesses across many domains and has a diverse professional track record. He has excelled in Innovative Business Strategies and Marketing, which has been profitable for the organisations he has worked with. Mr Kazi has carved a niche for himself in the Industry and is looked upon as a mentor and leader by many. A strong -minded yet humble and kind personality, Mr Kazi has been a Personal development Consultant and Motivational Speaker at various fora!

He is presently associated with a top-most supplier and producer of Oil & Gas in Doha, where he works in the administration effectively and skillfully juggling his time and tasks.

His quench for learning more and giving back to the society has his interests in many fields – one of it being Islamic Finance and Research. He has also submitted a paper on ‘Islamic Finance and Cryptocurrency’ in Cambridge Pitt Hall for the Annual Gulf Research Meeting 2018, as one of the 4 papers selected from Qatar. Besides, one of his businesses was also nominated by Forbes Middle East in 2015 as the most promising business venture and once again in the year 2016 by the CPI Financial as the Best Small Business.


Editorial Head: Arshia Khan

A social media enthusiast and a journalist-turned PR professional, Arshia has worked for more than a decade in the Indian Media and PR industry. Besides being a beginner in writing biographies, Arshia is consciously engaged in work revolving around the socio-economic development of the community and society at large.

With a Bachelors’ Degree in Mass Communication, she has majored in journalism from the‘Maximum City’. Arshia has worked for media conglomerates in India such as the Indian Express Newspaper and Network 18 Media and Investments Ltd. To grow laterally, she switched to Public Relations. Here she worked with global agencies such as Perfect Relations Group and Adfactors PR Pvt Ltd. She was also a committee member of the Indian Youth Congress in her region.

During her stint with Network 18, she was invited by the Mayor of Helsinki, Finland for a press tour of the island for two consecutive years. She was also invited by Reed Exhibitions, China for one of the biggest trade fairs of the World for the pharma industry.  She was also invited by the Chair of to be on the advisory board of HIMSS Asia Pacific Chapter.

Her desire and passion for writing and reporting brings her here.