Editorial Guidelines

CrowdTeck CSR Digital Magazine is designed for stakeholders in the Corporate Social Responsibility domain. Our articles are intended to highlight the work being done as an act of Social Responsibility towards Environment, Community, Education, Healthcare, etc. We would love to share what you do in a non-promotional manner – to encourage and motivate more people to join the Good Work Network. Right from setting up water sources to sponsoring a child’s education – as basic as it can be. If you are one of these people, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Submitting an Article to CrowdTeck CSR Digital Magazine


CrowdTeck CSR Digital Magazine does accept bylined articles, but only a limited amount can be published in each issue. You first need to share with the Editor-In-Chief Mr Waseem Kazi  a brief abstract of the topic you are suggesting. The following are the guidelines for submitting an article:

  1. The content must be original. If the article has been published on another site or in print, it will not be considered considered unless and until written by the same author or gives reference.
  2. We are a CSR magazine, so we do not accept overly technical/scientific topics or articles.
  3. The article cannot be promotional either directly or indirectly (e.g., leading the reader to only one conclusion which happens to be the solution your company offers).
  4. Ideally, we accept articles from a leader, veteran and someone who can be a change leader – irrespective of the role and designation that you might have. Please keep the article as crisp as possible not exceeding 500 words.
  5. We also accept articles from people who are indirectly related to the CSR industry. Eg: you might be a PR Professional or an IT manager, but you feel strongly about an issue – a need for change in the CSR domain, and discuss a common trend that impacts our audience, please do share your opinion!
  6. We do not print/provide footnotes, references, etc.
  7. Be sure to include the author’s information (e.g. brief bio, title, and headshot).
  8. With any bylined article:
    • Prior to publishing, we reserve the right to edit any submission in an effort to meet length requirements, improve readability, meet our style, and/or optimize web traffic.
    • We do not allow prepublication proofing.
    • We do not automatically share links to the article.

Audience Considerations

  • Our readers can be stakeholders throughout the CSR domain. Make sure your article topic is valuable to this audience. (e.g., How can they improve their Corporate Social Responsibility towards environment, community, labour migrant challenges, refugees, etc? Will regulatory changes in the CSR domain impact their business? What industry news or trends affect their participation in the CSR domain?)
  • Your article should include actionable information. Ideally, your article should force readers to take positive and socially responsible action, rethink a current situation, or involve deeper into a topic.
  • Articles should not be a news recap of a topic; they should provide unique insights and assessments, ideas and takeways
  • Our readers are busy people. You need to grab their attention by breaking your article into shorter, digestible paragraphs. Also, include subheadings within the article to draw attention and break-up the content.
  • Include an engaging headline. It’s the first thing readers see, and it must be compelling and drive readers to read further.